new monster high dolls 2014

List Of New Monster High Dolls Coming Out In 2014

new monster high dolls 2014

At the Toy Fair in NYC this year, the new Monster High dolls 2014 sets were officially launched. Here are the new dolls that you will see in shelves this year.

Note:  A few of these dolls were released late 2013. The italicized listing means the dolls are already for sale.

Monster High Coffin Bean Dolls

  • Coffin Bean Abbey Bominable Doll
  • Coffin Bean Toralei
  • Coffin Bean Frankie Stein
  • Coffin Bean Twyla
  • Coffin Bean Venus
  • Coffin Bean Robecca

Frights, Camera, Action Dolls

  • Honey Swamp Fright Camera Action Doll
  • Clawdeen Wolf  Fright Camera Action Doll
  • Viperine Gorgon  Fright Camera Action Doll 
  • Elissabat  Fright Camera Action Doll

Monster High Freaky Fusion Dolls

Two dolls fused into one

  • Lagoonafire doll (Lagoona Blue and Jinafire Long )
  • Dracubecca doll – Draculaura and Robecca Steam
  • Clawvenus – Clawdeen and Venus Mcflytrap
  • Neighthan Rot – Unicorn Zombie
  • Avia Trotter  – part horse, part girl daughter of the cantor
  • Sirena VonBoo – part ghost part mermaid
  • Cleolei – Cleo de Nile and Toralei
  • Frankie Stein – Feeling fierce like Clawdeen Wolf
  • Ghoulia Yelps – Feeling sweet like Draculaura
  • Operetta – Feeling voltageous like Frankie Stein
  • Bonita Femur – Hybrid of a skeleton and a moth
  • Scarah Screams -

 Monster High Freaky Fusion Avia Trotter DollCheck Price Monster High Freaky Fusion Hybrids Sirena Von Boo DollCheck Price Monster High Freaky Fusion Hybrids Bonita Femur DollCheck Price

Monster High Ghouls Spirit Dolls

  • Slow Man “Slo Mo” Mortavitch doll
  • Frankie Stein doll
  • Spectra Vondergeist doll
  • Venus McFlytrap doll

Monster High Scaremester Dolls

  • Catty Noir Doll
  • Gigi Grant doll
  • Twyla doll
  • Catrine Demew doll
  • Jinafire Long doll
  • Clawdeen Wolf doll
  • Invisi Billy doll

Monster High Ghouls Alive Dolls

  • Toralei Stripe doll
  • Deuce Gordon doll
  • Robecca Steam doll

Monster High Sweet Screams Dolls

  • Frankie Stein doll
  • Draculaura Doll

Monster High Art Class Dolls

  • Draculaura
  • Abbey Bominable
  • Robecca
  • Skelita

Monster High Ghoul Sports Dolls

  • Clawdeen wolf doll
  • Toralei Stripe doll
  • Spectra Vondergeist doll

Monster High Dead Tired Wave 4 Dolls

  • Operetta doll
  • Venus Mcflytrap doll

Monster High Inner Monster Dolls

  • Spooky Sweet n Frightfully Fierce
  • Scared Silly n shockingly shy
  • Fearfully feisty n Mad love

Monster High Iris Clops doll

Monster High Manny Taur doll

Monster High Wydowna Spider

Monster High Witch Girls

Monster High Castle Playset

Monster High Catacombs Playset

Monster High Recharge Chamber

Monster High Freaky Fusion Castle

Ever After High Throne Coming Dolls

Check out the New Monster High Freaky Fusion Dolls in the New York Toy Fair

Love ‘em or hate ‘em they’re coming this year

5 thoughts on “List Of New Monster High Dolls Coming Out In 2014

  1. megan

    I think monster high should make flash back to the past dolls. The monster high cast as kids like maybe 6 or 7 and maybe them as teens.

  2. Alicia

    I personally think that Mattel should come out with Son of the Devil, Daughter of the Angel, and opposite gender siblings. Also possibly parents and teachers.

  3. Alicia

    It would be cool if there were a line of the pets turning into monsters. Mattel could call it Friends for a Day since they are not monsters yet now the monsters friends


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